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At any age, people may need support to modify their voice quality. Voice quality is different to speech clarity - it relates to the overall quality of sound, rather than the pronunciation of the words spoken. And voice quality can be affected by a number of factors - a voice disorder can arise from issues with the nose (such as hypernasal speech), or with the throat, which may cause voice quality to become croaky, strained, too high/low pitched, breathy or or squeaky. Males whose voice hasn’t broken in adolescence may need assistance also.

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When is specialist support needed?

When it comes to voice quality, there are no errors considered to be typical for normal communication development. In other words, support should be sought out promptly for any issues with voice! If there is any change in quality (how the spoken voice sounds), and it persists for longer than two weeks, it is vital that the individual sees a specialist, regardless of their age.

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