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A processing disorder is a broad term that is used to describe a range of communication disorders. Two common processing disorders are language processing disorder and auditory processing disorder.

In language processing, people will have trouble understanding and making sense of the meaning of the words they hear. They often struggle with following directions and understanding stories or basic concepts. They can appear off task because they do not understand the words being spoken or what their response should be. Understanding jokes or sarcasm is really difficult. It is called aphasia when it affects older people, particularly after a head injury.

For auditory processing, the difficulties lie in hearing and interpreting the message. It is different from hearing loss or deafness. Children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) typically have normal hearing, but struggle to interpret the sounds they hear, as well as hearing the differences between sounds in words. This can happen even when the sounds are clear and loud enough to be heard. People often struggle to listen when there is background noise. It is a deficit in the processing of auditory information which negatively affects memory, attention, language development, literacy learning and other cognitive skills.

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    Speech Language Therapist support

    A Speech Language Therapist is able to provide much of the support and intervention required for individuals struggling with language processing and auditory processing, with or without an official diagnosis. Often Therapists can see the ‘early signs’ in younger children and provide information and guidance to support them before they struggle academically and socially.

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    What people say about us

    Husband of wife who had a stroke “We are also eternally grateful to Sarah for being accommodating, understanding and patient. The programs were easy to understand for [my wife] which actually motivated her a great deal. She is now able to continue to use these tools well into the future.”

    -- Husband of wife who had a stroke
    Mother of an 8 year old girl "Vocalsaints has provided a valuable, professional and flexible service to our daughter for over a year. We have especially enjoyed the relationship Ashleigh has built with her through fun games, variety, patience and acknowledging her individual needs. Her speech, vocabulary and processing have all improved dramatically, which has been furthered through extra work we can do in our own time at home."

    -- Mother of an 8 year old girl
    Mother of a 10 year old boy "If you have any insight I can pass on [to the next school], I value your opinion. You made a huge impact on Logan's learning."

    -- Mother of a 10-year-old boy