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Fluency or speaking with ease is the goal. Stuttering or cluttering are the names of issues where the fluency or flow of talking is negatively impacted.

Stuttering or stammering (different names for the same difficulty) is an interruption in the flow of speaking characterized by one or more of the following:

  1. Repetitions of sounds, syllables, words, and/or phrases. E.g “Look at the b-b-ball”
  2. Sound prolongations. E.g. “sssssssnakes are cool”
  3. Blocks. Inaudible or silent fixations or inability to initiate sounds. The person looks like they are stuck trying to get a word out.
  4. Excessive use of interjections and non-word fillers. E.g. “The car is like red”, “This is uh boring”
  5. Revision. E.g. “I want a dr… I want water”
  6. Word Avoidance. E.g. “I want a cup of tea” when they actually want coffee

Also note that stuttering may be accompanied by other non-speech behaviours such as blinking, body movements or even complete speech avoidance.

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    Key points about Cluttering

    Cluttering is characterized by a perceived rapid and/or irregular speech rate, which results in breakdowns in speech clarity and/or fluency. It is combined with difficulties processing language and generating what is wanting to be said. Cluttering is often characterized by:

    1. Deletion and/or collapsing of syllables e.g. “I wantwatevision”
    2. Omission of word endings e.g. “turn the televisoff”
    3. More typical dysfluencies e.g revisions and interjections
    4. Pauses in sentences not expected grammatically e.g. “I will go to the [pause] store and get apples”

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    What people say about us

    Mother of a 16 year old with a stutter "I don't see him stuck on a word any more - that's been amazing! It's been quite phenomenal - really happy with how it's gone. I'm thankful we got on to this early in the year."

    -- Mother of a 16 year old with a stutter
    Mother of a 11 year old with a stutter "You’ve made me feel better. That’s settled me a lot."

    -- Mother of a 11 year old with a stutter
    18 year old with a stutter "I know that when I use soft contact I can say what I want, when I want. This has given me confidence."

    -- 18 year old with a stutter
    17 year old with a stutter “I know that if I don't (use the technique I’ve been learning) then I'll be a stuttering mess."

    -- 17 year old with a stutter
    Adult with stutter "Thank you for understanding my problem."

    -- Adult with stutter