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While social skills are typically thought about once a child has already learned some words or is already communicating messages, we can actually see the same fundamental skills needing to be learnt before any spoken words.

These are called “pre-verbal skills” and are developed by 12-18 months of age. They include listening, attention to task, joint attention to a task with another person, maintaining eye contact, imitation, turn taking, using facial expression and gestures.

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    Pragmatic skills

    In those individuals who have learnt to talk, pragmatic skills are the use and combination of verbal and nonverbal communication for the purposes of social interaction. It includes facial expression, body language and tone of voice.

    Any difficulty here can limit an individual’s ability to participate in social interactions, maintain social relationships and comprehend or execute socially based academic tasks. For example, listening to other people’s opinions, accepting differences, playing different roles in small group discussions or showing flexible thinking.

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    What people say about us

    Mother of a 4 year old boy (language delay) "One of the side benefits of the sessions is that [our son]’s confidence in social situations has grown exponentially. He’s keen to interact with people more, be more open about his wants and connect with people."

    -- Mother of a 4 year old boy
    Mother of a 4 year old boy with ASD "We were informed that the waiting list for public assessment is awfully long and I was quite saddened that by the time our son is assessed and receives help with his speech and social communication, we would have wasted precious time. It was at this time, I contacted Vocalsaints and really appreciated how quickly we were able have J reviewed by Sarah, while awaiting formal diagnosis."

    -- Mother of a 4 year old boy