Husband of wife who had a stroke

“We are also eternally grateful to Sarah for being accommodating, understanding and patient. The programs were easy to understand for [my wife] which actually motivated her a great deal. She is now able to continue to use these tools well into the future.” — Husband of wife who had a stroke

Mother of an 8 year old girl

“Vocalsaints has provided a valuable, professional and flexible service to our daughter for over a year. We have especially enjoyed the relationship our Therapist has built with her through fun games, variety, patience and acknowledging her individual needs. Her speech, vocabulary and processing have all improved dramatically, which has been furthered through extra work we can do in our own …

Mother of a 10 year old boy

“If you have any insight I can pass on [to the next school], I value your opinion. You made a huge impact on Logan’s learning.” — Mother of a 10-year-old boy