Mother of a 2 year old daughter – parental coaching

“Sarah took the time to get to know us as a family and understand how to best meet the needs of our daughter. Her initial focus was teaching us as parents the foundations of communication and how to model this to our daughter. This knowledge has been the backbone of all that we have done moving forward. We are so …

Mother of a 2 year old requiring AAC

“As a family we have all had to learn a new language – PODD. Sarah has been patient and understanding and goes above and beyond to find new ways to teach us this language – always fun and interactive. She listens and respects our input and allows us to go at our pace with our own learning.”” — Mother of …

Mother of an 8 year old girl

“We are kept well informed of what we can build on at each stage of the journey, but there is also no pressure or guilt when life is busy. We found the zoom meetings really beneficial when travel hasn’t been easy to arrange and now are continuing via distance thanks to how well that has worked.  Many thanks to Vocalsaints …

Mother of a 16 year old with a stutter

“I don’t see him stuck on a word any more – that’s been amazing! It’s been quite phenomenal – really happy with how it’s gone. I’m thankful we got on to this early in the year.” — Mother of a 16 year old with a stutter

Husband of wife who had a stroke

“We are also eternally grateful to Sarah for being accommodating, understanding and patient. The programs were easy to understand for [my wife] which actually motivated her a great deal. She is now able to continue to use these tools well into the future.” — Husband of wife who had a stroke

Phone enquiry

“Thank you. You’ve been really helpful.” — Phone enquiry

Adult after a head injury

“Having you in the mix has made big improvements. Without your help I wouldn’t be where I am. You gave me guidance. I’ve enjoyed the time you’ve spent with me.” — Adult after a head injury