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Servicing Invercargill and the Southland region by telehealth, our aim is to provide caring advice and support, regardless of whether or not you need to book speech therapy. Reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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Servicing Southland by Telehealth

Telehealth is healthcare provided by video calling, and it is a great way to receive support from a Speech-Language Therapist. It is suitable for adults, and children five years of age or older.

Call:    0800 My Speech (0800-69-77-33)
Email: enquiries@vocalsaints.co.nz

Appointment Information – Speech Therapy Southland

Vocalsaints proudly provides speech therapy Southland families can rely on. As long as you have a workable internet connection, we can provide service via telehealth anywhere in the region. The Vocalsaints team is physically based in Wellington and Tauranga. But we hope to provide services nationwide, wherever distance has previously made it hard to receive healthcare. So, if you live in Invercargill, Gore or surrounding areas and are struggling to find speech-language therapy locally, we can help.

A bit more about telehealth: Telehealth is a great way of reaching families who need speech-language therapy if they are not located near a clinic, or are otherwise unable to work with a Therapist in-person. Besides telehealth appointments, we can also customise a home programme to your needs. Vocalsaints’ team has digital assessment and therapy materials on-hand, so we can handle surprises! In other words, your appointments can readily adapt to whatever your needs may be for the day.

In terms of the appointments themselves, they are generally 45 minutes long and are structured according to your needs. For example, a child’s session may involve lots of interactive games, while working with adults would focus more on practising techniques. Telehealth appointments would begin by learning about your needs. Typically, this involves both conversations with your Speech-Language Therapist and the completion of a pre-assessment form. After this, our team would carefully plan the assessment materials to suit your or your child’s needs. Therapy is then presented to clients of all ages in the most engaging and entertaining way possible. Most speech-language therapy sessions would end with a debrief, question time, and the allocation of homework.

Getting set up: It is recommended to have a broadband internet connection in order to provide the best possible service. But don’t worry about a thing! After making initial contact with us, we’ll ensure you know just what to do, and how to get connected.

No matter the location, with Vocalsaints Speech Therapy, Southland families are well cared for.

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