Vocalsaints provides discounts when speech-language therapy sessions are paid for upfront, and/or when multiple sessions per week are required.

Note that discounts only apply to therapy sessions. Credit card surcharges and travel fees are excluded. Only one discount per family is applied at any one time. No refunds are available for these specials. Please discuss any financial queries, including payment plan options for 'payment after service' directly with your Speech-Language Therapist.

Block Payment Discounts

12 Session Concession

Recieve 20% off when you book 12 consecutive weeks of therapy Рsuch as a full school term and two weeks of school holidays. 


10 Session Concession

Full school term, excluding school holidays – receive 15% off.


6 Session Concession

For six sessions, receive 10% off, used at your choice of frequency within the same calendar year.

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If you know that your child requires therapy for a few weeks or longer, it may suit you to take advantage of Vocalsaints’ block payment discounts.

Multiple Sessions Per Week

Get 20% off

Go to two Speech Therapy sessions in the same week. 


Get 25% off

Two sessions in the same week, paid in advance.
or – Three sessions in the same week.


Get 30% off

Three sessions in the same week, paid in advance.

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Often therapy takes place once every week or fortnight. This is commonly dictated by financial or time restrictions. However, in some cases, it is more beneficial for the child to receive multiple, more intense, appointments with a qualified Speech-Language Therapist. For example, this can ‘kick-start’ the intervention process and may be reduced at a later date. This is also a good option where the child is non-verbal and additional support is required to make environmental changes to best help the wider family communicate with the child.

30 Minute Sessions, Min. Two Per Week

Two Sessions

Two 30 minute intervention treatments with a Therapist in the same week ($150.10)

Three Sessions

Three 30 minute intervention treatments with a Therapist in the same week ($225.15)

Four Sessions

Four 30 minute intervention treatments with a Therapist in the same week ($310.50)

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Typically appointments are 45 minutes in length to allow time for discussion with the parent/caregiver to share what can be done to consolidate therapy targets before the next appointment. But, due to the busyness of life and the expectations of after school activities and school homework, it can be difficult to find the time to squeeze in extra speech-language practice. So the 30-minute option can used to acheive an ideal frequency. This option is great for children requiring help with speech sound changes; childhood apraxia of speech; stuttering; and autism.