Mobile Speech-Language Therapy for the Kapiti Coast

Vocalsaints Offer Mobile Speech-Language Therapy in KapitiVocalsaints provides mobile speech-language therapy throughout the Kapiti Coast District. If you’re based in or near Paraparaumu, Waikanai or Otaki, we can bring our friendly and professional mobile services directly to you.
For children, speech-language therapy sessions are commonly carried out at home, pre-school, kindergarten or school. Booking an appointment several days in advance will allow us to plan a visit at an ideal time for you – we provide speech therapy for at least one day per week in Paraparaumu, Waikanai and Otaki, but are happy to adjust this as demand requires.
Please note that Vocalsaints charges a travel fee when seeing clients in their own homes or schools – this may factor into your decision to choose either mobile therapy or clinic-based treatment.

What’s Different About Mobile Therapy?

Providing speech-language therapy to children in one of their familiar environments has several “pros and cons”, when compared to clinic-based therapy. One positive is that, in the child’s familiar environment, he or she will feel most comfortable, be more likely to overcome shyness and therefore more likely to reveal their unique language traits. Another positive is the easier transference of in-therapy exercises to in-home practice.
On the other hand, one drawback to mobile therapy is that children in their familiar abodes tend to be easily distracted – usually because they know where all the toys and other distractions are! A second drawback to therapy at home or schools is that mobile Speech-Language Therapists have impaired access to therapy/assessment materials. If an unexpected need arises in a session for materials or resources that weren’t part of the original session plan, the Therapist may need to find an alternate approach.
Whether Speech-Language Therapy is conducted in a dedicated clinic, at school, or in the home, an experienced and well-prepared Therapist will find a way to provide effective treatment. If you are based in the Kapiti Coast District and would like speech-language therapy support, we have the experience necessary to help you. Contact us today and we’ll arrange a visit.