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★ Wellington’s Prompt & Professional Speech-Language Therapists ★

Wellington’s Prompt & Professional Speech-Language Therapists

We are a caring team of Speech-Language Therapists based in Lower Hutt, but providing speech therapy Wellington wide. We enjoy working with children of all ages, as well as occasionally “putting away the toys” to support adults too. Our passion lies in making a significant difference in the community by giving everyone we work with the communication skills to support life in all its fullness. Whether it means improving under-developed language, perfecting speech errors or creating academic success, we want to help.
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Vocalsaints offer speech-language therapy for people of all ages who are experiencing any of the issues below. Furthermore, we are able to tailor our approach to suit if any of these symptoms have arisen from hearing loss, Autism, Down syndrome, or a general intellectual disability:

  • ★ Speech delay/disorder, including lisps.
    ★ Language delay/disorder.
    ★ Learning and cognitive difficulties.
    ★ Developmental delay/disorder.
    ★ Dyspraxia/apraxia of speech.
    ★ Stuttering, both pre-schoolers and older people aware of their stutter.
    ★ Auditory processing difficulties.
    ★ Social communication difficulties.
    Naturally, every person is an individual – with individual needs. We place the utmost value in getting to know our client and tailoring the best speech or language treatment plan for their age, stage and personality.

    About Us

    We are a company based on Christian principles. We put this into practice by focussing on compassion, integrity and great service.

    Our Speech-Language Therapists are headed by Sarah Campbell, who has a Masters in Speech-Language Therapy Practice from the University of Auckland and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Linguistics. She has practised as a qualified Therapist providing speech therapy for children and adults for over ten years.

    Vocalsaints Speech Therapy Wellington Ltd are qualified to provide Hanen’s ‘It Takes Two To Talk’, ‘More Than Words’ and ‘Target Word’ programmes. Check out Hanen’s website to learn more about these great programmes. Additionally, we offer the highly effective Lidcombe Children’s Speech Therapy Programme for treating stuttering and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).


    Our speech therapy appointments utilise specialist resources and techniques and – depending on our client’s age – are full of games or fun activities. We encourage caregivers to participate, both for ‘fun-factor’ and to learn how to implement the goals at home.

    Appointments are available for speech therapy Wellington wide; at your home, Kindergarten, school or our clinics. We can also provide specialist knowledge and support at IEP meetings, as advocates supporting your child’s academic success. If you’re happy to come to our clinic, weekend appointments are available too!

    Therapy typically begins with an Initial Assessment session, which lasts approximately an hour. At the end of this assessment, the Speech-Language Therapist will discuss their recommendations with clients or their caregivers regarding on-going support. If further speech therapy sessions are appropriate, arrangements can be made on the spot.

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